John Deere 47 54 Blade Angle Valve Diverter X700 X720 X728 X748 Snowblower Snow


John deere valve diverter for front blade,snowblower  and brooms for   X475 X485 X495 X575 X585 X595 X700 X720 X724 X728 X740 X744 X748 X749 & more..  What you see in the pics is what you are bidding on. Feel free to ask qs before bidding. ThanksThis valve gets mounted inline under the tractor for the right/left turning of the broom/blade or blower chute.. This speeds up the turning time and you will have zero delay between turns.This valve sells for over 100.00 at your local dealer.This is about a 15-30 min install depending if you have any experience .

Will ship to the u.s.  lower 48 for 9.00

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